Our experience has taught us that each product is unique. Success requires a lot of hard work and a plan that is the result of several aspects, as well as seamless collaboration. The basis of our operations include our long-term experience in operating with Finnish and international brands as well as our strong knowledge of the trade sector. We have established customer relationships that are based on trust and we can identify the actions that are needed to achieve the best possible result. With the help of electronic reporting and sales tools, we are able to produce added value to our entire operating environment as well as operate in an open and transparent manner. Cooperation with us allows success in retail trade for both your product and your company.


Our telemarketing service that specialises in retail trade allows us to reach market-sized stores efficiently and quickly. Our service concept is scaled, according to needs, to all store types from the sale of new products to the collection of regular orders. The telemarketing service allows us to efficiently supplement, for example, the development of national distribution coverage and/or the implementation of a chain campaign at a store-specific level.


Our demand promotion and shelving service offer a high-quality and carefully completed service for weekly needs as well as on a seasonal basis. Our operations focus on the metropolitan area, Southwest Finland and the regions of Pirkanmaa. Other areas are also available upon request.


Our promotion service’s product is made visible to the consumer in a prominent and memorable manner on the basis of a turnkey principle. Our service is scaled to meet your needs and traditional tasting tours are also handled in a professional manner.

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