Salesmart is privately held and founded in 2003 in Helsinki, Finland. Over the years we have became to the trusted partner and #1 choice in sales outsourcing business by growing the sales of our principals year after year. We have established our position as the leading field sales company in Finland.

Co-operation with Salesmart is based on a high level sales management with common set of objectives, regular sales reviews and mutual business development meetings. We highly value our sales personnel and they are always committed to our principals and their goals.

Our core competence is in store level activities, but also in chain and brand management. Our roots are deep in the Finnish culture and trade to make our partners to enter and get success in a the market. We continuesly help our partners and retailers to find ways to increase their sales during every sales visit.

The reputation of Salesmart relies on the results of our sales teams. Learn more about how our values, services and most importantly, people are pioneering ways of successfully accelerating sales. Our solid experience and pure interest for a success, will drive your business for a longterm development and deliver value for your investments.


Salesmart has been responsible for our field sales since 2003. As the market leader in the juice category we wanted to hire the best field sales competence available in the market. Salesmart’s experienced sales team works professionally and their communication within the trade makes them a perfect partner for us. By outsourcing our sales we have also managed to cut the hidden costs related to sales management and has enabled us more accurate forecasting in sales costs.


In 2016 we celebrated our 10-year anniversary of our journey to success with Salesmart. We appreciate our strong mutual trust and the strong connections Salesmart has in the retail trade. Salesmart knows the value of a strong brand and has helped us to grow and increase visibility and awareness of our products. Our intention is to develop our liaison to get even stronger in the future.


We have outsourced our field sales to Salesmart in 2011. Through Salesmart’s sales team we are able to reach all of our targeted grocery stores in Finland. We have found Salesmart’s sales team efficient and they have done a great job in selling campaigns and seasonal products.


We outsourced the field sales of our chocolates to Salesmart in 2010. Salesmart has managed to considerably raise our market share in the premium chocolate category. Sales team has successfully launched our new product lines and at the same time managed to improve important seasonal campaigns. Our sales have increased during the years and we are confident that our partnership will continue to support our growth ambitions over the next years.


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