Our story started in 2003 when Marli Oy, currently Eckes Granini Finland Oy, decided to outsource its retail sales field operations. Since then, we have successfully operated with our partners and many brands as well as created trustworthy customer relationships at every level of trade. We are particularly known for our field sales service as well as our productive way of carrying out sales work. Long-term partnerships, achieved objectives and trust have made us a reliable partner.

In 2019, the ownership of the company was transferred to a new owner and the journey towards the future began. Our aim is to hold on to our strengths as well as develop our operations in such a way that we can be the best and most innovative Nordic operator in our sector. Outsourcing sales is becoming increasingly more common today and we believe that product owners should invest their resources in product development and the growth of brand value. We will handle the sales work.




We take care and responsibility for environment-related issues and we value humanity

Our principle is that the appreciation of humanity must be present in our everyday work.

We encourage and help each other, but we still set high standards.

We always leave a happy and reliable atmosphere around ourselves.

Vehicles and fuels

Vehicles and other modes of transport play an important role in our business operations. In the acquisition of vehicles, we have moved away from the acquisition of new vehicles to the acquisition of 1-2-year-old vehicles that have low emissions and low mileage. In terms of fuel, we make considerations on the basis of annual mileage, and we prefer electric and hybrid vehicles whenever it is a sensible choice. Our partner for petrol and diesel fuels is Neste.

Paper and recycling

We reduce the consumption of paper, whenever possible. The reduction of paper is one of the main objectives in the development projects that started in 2019. Leftover paper is recycled appropriately and consumption is aimed to be decreased where possible.

Where possible, we recycle all material that we use. We also prefer circular economy.

Products in a portfolio

We aim to encourage our clients in the production of products to opt for manufacturing methods, raw material acquisitions as well as environmentally friendly packaging in accordance with sustainable development. We also choose options that cause the least environmental damage in logistics.


When we acquire anything new, we consider the actual need and carefully review the accountability of the products and services.

We encourage our staff to choose options that cause less environmental damage in their personal choices. Occasionally and if necessary, we organise training sessions concerning environment and responsibility related issues.

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