Sales outsourcing

Professional sales force
Experienced sales management
sales data
Less bureaucracy

What type of service are you after? With our service plan you can outsource your sales either nationwide, regionally or even in a specific trade chain- we tailor a suitable plan based on your demands. Our bread & butter is within the retail and foodservice industries, however we are constantly mapping out new business opportunities.

Retail field sales & KAM

In the current competitive FMCG market, sales should produce results with the lowest possible costs. Our sales team provides nationwide field sales and professional key account management services in Finland and Estonia. All members of our sales team are experienced sales professionals and have been working with us for several years. We have established a strong liaison with the Finnish trade with undisputed sales results.


We are proud to introduce your products into Finnish commercial kitchens. Our KAM expertise covers wholesalers, commercial chains and the public sector. We have a unique relationship with our customers based on mutual trust and long-term co-operation. Because we know them, they will soon know you and your products!

Nordic countries & other industries

Would you like to develop your business in other Nordic countries? We can help you to establish or improve your current business in Sweden, Denmark or Norway through our experienced alliance partners. We are constantly searching for other industries for sales outsourcing opportunities.

Additional services

For the past ten years our committed trade telesales team has been supporting our field sales team by executing extra campaigns for our principals. We also have the capacity to provide nationwide in-trade promotions to help consumers become more aware of your product.

Online reporting

If you are making progress, wouldn't you like to know about it? Our online reporting system is developed in-house based on our vast experience in the retail trade and our principals demands. Through our Salex™ tool you are able to track sales development, activities and feedback in real time.