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Salesmart Oy is a leading Finnish sales service provider for local and global FMCG brand owners in Finland and Estonia. Our success is based on our hard working sales team and our strong commitment to the trade.


Expertise in Nordic sales solutions

Our core competence covers field sales and key account management in the arenas of retail trade and foodservice. Our own sales teams provide sales services In Finland and Estonia. In the other Nordic countries, we can assist you through our alliance partners.

  #1 Sales partner
Dedicated sales forces in 2 countries Finland and Estonia
Sales outsourcing for 15 years  
Of our principals > 80 % 6 years or more
in our portfolio
  15000 Sales negotiations
per year
  170 mil. € Combined principal turnover

Best practises in sales.

Professional sales force
Experienced sales management
sales data
Less bureaucracy

Long-term partnerships


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