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Selling, at its best, is the ability to listen as well as having the knowledge to bring the product and need together. Salesmart is a Nordic sales outsourcing partner that provides an experienced sales team whose work is driven by one mission: to increase the sales and market share of your products.

Market leader in sales

Advantage of working with us

In a sales situation, the key is to gain the buyers trust. Our sales teams have years of experience and a strong grasp of the retail and foodservice industries. We have established long-term relationships with buyers and key people within both industries. We know the ideal business practices that will open the right doors for your products nationwide.

Trust and transparency

Hands-on sales management

Our partnership starts with a mapping of common goals and continues on to developing a tailor made strategy based on your demands and targets. When partnering with us you are also able to benefit from all the experience of our competent sales management. They have been managing several successful sales outsourcing operations in the Nordic.

Retail and foodservice expertise

Your partner in Finland and Estonia

Outsourcing sales, either nationwide or in specific regions, is a cost-effective solution for most companies. We provide field sales and key account management in all trade chains in Finland and Estonia through our in-house sales teams. We can also assist you in sales in other Nordic countries through our alliance partners.

  #1 Sales partner
Dedicated sales forces in 2 countries Finland and Estonia
Sales outsourcing for 15 years  
Of our principals > 80 % 6 years or more
in our portfolio
  15000 Sales negotiations
per year
  170 mil. € Combined principal turnover
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Accelerating sales

Our professional expertise lies in finding ways to increase your sales.
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